"I was moved by the evocative performances of Gary and Richard as Bill W. and Dr. Bob. Having a vested interest in the presentations - I was relieved and delighted to experience the compassion and authenticity in their portrayals"
Penny Smith Umbertino
Dr. Bob's real life Grand Daughter

"PASS IT ON... is a must see. Nothing has helped me understand the mentality of the alcoholic as much as Gary Kimble and Richard Springle's portrayal of Bill W. and Dr. Bob"
Rev. Dr. John Vawter
Director of the National Radio Program - YOU ARE NOT ALONE

"Gary and Richard (Bill W. and Dr. Bob) amazingly bring to life the two men at the center of history's most influential recovery movement. At the end of the inspirational and entertaining performance, one leaves the theater thirsting for me."
Nick Motu
HAZELDEN Publisher and Vice President

"Richard Davis Springle is simply amazing as Dr. Bob"
Joe Gordon
Phoenix Examiner

"Gary is electrifying as Bill W."
Chris Silk
Naples Dailey News

"Gary Kimble as Bill captures a character of tremendous charm, energy and ego. Richard Springle is equally convincing as the more down to earth Bob...and they are wonderful!"
Bill O'Neill
Collier Citizen

"With Gary Kimble as Bill W. and Richard Springle as Dr. Bob - the audicnces - both in A.A. and not - were on their feet at every performance. Gary and Richard have been the heart behind bringing this play to life for what will be thousands of people. It is a compassionate and brave thing to do"
Samuel Shem and Janet Surrey
Authors of the Off Broadway Play - Bill W. and Dr. Bob

"Alcoholism is not the kind of subject matter that has audiences beating a path to the theater door...unless Kimble and Springle are playing Bill W. and Dr. Bob. Thier performance is so riveting, so warm, funny, engaging and heartbreaking, that you will want to return over and over and over again, dragging along with you everyone you love whose life has been burdened by alcoholism. We are privileged to have them appear in our documentary - One Day At A Time.
Susan Gray
Director - of the Northern Light T.V. Documentary One Day At A Time

"Pass It On... is a very moving, enriching, personal experience for everyone who attends. The The tickets for all 7 performances were sold out within days. I believe that our agency was very fortunate to be a part of the development of this incredible play. I am a strong believer that it will spread rapidly in its following. People were so very moved by the play. Not only those in recovery, everyone who attended. One of our female clients told me afterwards “I know what they mean now by having a spiritual experience. I understand. I will never be the same". I cannot stress enough that Pass It On... will be supported; it is very powerful and basically sells its self.
Thelma Ross
CEO - The National Council On Alcoholism and Drug Dependence - Phoenix Arizona Affiliate

"I was fortunate enough to be in the matinee performance today, and i just wanted to say thank you to both gentlemen for their wonderful performances....i would not change a thing about the performance, as you have captured the authenticity of bill w. and dr. bob, at least in spirit....and i loved when you were quoting the big book!!! many kudos"
Mark P.
Audience Member

"As I told you after the play, it was a job to keep reminding myself throughout that 'it's not REALLY Dr Bob & Bill W' you're watching & listening to! Thanks so much for all you've both put into making this happen and keeping it going! I really enjoyed all of it!"
Susan R.
Audience Member

"The play was informative and moving. You brought tears of gratitude to my eyes. Thank you for your service and work." -
August W.

Audience Member

"Thanks for putting this together and showing the early history of the founders of AA. I've been sober 21 years and although I've read most of the facts before, your portrayal brought to life their personalities."
Joe D.
Audience Member

"My wife and I attended your performance and enjoyed your efforts to reflect an accurate history of our felowship. Your dedication to this endeavor is very evident. The performance was both moving and accurate to events that happened in our history. Thank you for all you do for the worldwide fellowship. Your friends and fans in soberity"
Gail & Paul B.
Audience Member