Pass It On... An Evening with Bill W. & Dr. Bob is an inspirational, educational, and often hilarious live stage performance. It is designed as a centerpiece for fundraising events that celebrate recovery and increase your organization’s presence in local media.

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How it works:

Pass It On... An Evening with Bill W. & Dr. Bob is presented as if you're in an old time recovery meeting with the beloved co-founders of Alcoholics Anonymous as the guest speakers. They tell their stories and dramatize key events such as their legendary drinking sprees and the extraordinary night they met in Akron, Ohio. In the second act - Bill and Bob pull up a couple of chairs and regale the audience with yarns about the early history of A.A. - including writing and publishing the Big Book, creating The 12 Steps and how they overcame tremendous obstacles while struggling to develop their new program of recovery and pass it on to others who were still suffering.

After each performance the actors - Gary K. (Bill W.) and Richard S. (Dr. Bob) – share their personal stories of recovery and invite the audience to join them in a heart-to-heart question and answer “talk back” – always bearing witness to healing miracles.

The producers of Pass It On… have developed a sales and marketing strategy that provides maximum impact with minimum expense of time or resources, allowing even small organizations to reap great rewards with literally no initial outlay of funds before money is generated by the event.

Appearing as Bill W. and Dr. Bob - Gary Kimble and Richard Springle have travelled from coast to coast (including in San Antonio during the 75th International A.A. Convention) telling the story of America's greatest gift to the world - the creation of 12 Step Recovery - through the powerful medium of live theater, serving as a catalyst for generating tens of thousands of dollars to support recovery organizations while carrying the message of hope.


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Pass It On...An Evening with Bill W. & Dr. Bob contains scenes from the hit off Broadway play Bill W. and Dr. Bob by Samuel Shem and Janet Surry scheduled to return to New York in the Fall of 2012 (We wish them great success).
In the spirit of the 6th, 9th and 10th traditions - performance of Pass It On... An Evening with Bill W. & Dr. Bob does not imply affiliation with nor endorsement of A.A. World Services. (We are greatly appreciative of the work they do.)